CBD Hemp Seed Oil with Omega-3 (monthly delivery)

$44.28 / month

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Our Premium CBD Hemp Seed Oil with Omega-3 is made in the USA

Our Premium CBD Hemp Seed Oil not only features European derived Hemp, but also a proprietary blend of Omega 3 and Hemp Oil, referred to as Phyto-3™.

This new blend of Phytocannabinoids and Omega-3 is produced in the USA and made to benefit people over a wide spectrum of needs and uses. Hemp has long been recognized for its many uses and we are confident in saying that our full spectrum Premium CBD Hemp Seed Oil blend will become your favorite healthcare multi-supplement.

Combining the power-house of Hemp Seed Oil with the well-known fish oil supplement Omega-3

This is a new blend of Omega-3 and Phytocannabinoid sourced from European Hemp for cognitive, cardiovascular, and immune system support.

Delivered monthly

< .3% THC


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